Christians United for Peace and the Protection of the Environment (CUPPE)

The danger that the world is facing due to environmental damage is great. With increasing pollution, rampant deforestation, and uncontrolled urbanization, the diagnosis of planet earth in imminent and unavoidable peril is almost inevitable.

Africa, more particularly the Congo Basin, the equatorial forest, despite the systematic odious treatments it undergoes, still remains the hope of the world and an ecological entity to be saved in order to avoid this imminent global environmental disaster. An analogy, a metaphor, may nevertheless be appropriate to underline the systemic and endemic character of this environmental pathology. When a mother is assaulted, ill or dies, children are not spared either. In no city in sub-Saharan Africa are trees, forests, and rivers, essential to human well-being, religiously protected.

Christians United for Peace and the Protection of the Environment (CUPPE) is a joint initiative of GWU Baptist Pastoral Ministry and Salem Gospel Ministries. One of the main goals of this initiative is to raise awareness among Christians of their role in promoting peace and protecting the environment.

In Africa, the initiative is currently working with African Protestant and independent churches in the DRC and Angola by conducting webinars/seminars on the role of churches in promoting peace and engaging in concrete projects such as tree planting and river clean-ups.

For more information about Christians United for Peace and the Protection of the Environment, or if you would like to join our initiative, please contact Dr. Adrien N. Ngudiankama at 240 595 2127 or