For centuries, people have benefited from the beauty of this world, the produce from our fields, and the abundance of our seas. As we face the reality and challenges of our world today, we must consider what kind of world we want to leave to those who come after us: What are we passing on to children who are just now being born and growing up? Children, with their energy, their creative spirit, and their love for all of God’s world, are showing us the way toward a future of hope. In order to help prepare some of these children, BCCI is partnering with Hills Academy to introduce the young men of the school to the benefits of caring for their local environment. Through hands-on activities, Bible study, and games, we hope these young men will take the information and skills they learn and use them to benefit their homes, their local communities, and their futures.

- Week of Discovery at Hills Academy


The 301 Community is a diverse group of churches and non-profits working together to serve the Conyers, Georgia, and larger community. Four churches, including Trinity Baptist Church, as well as Hills Academy, call this space home. As part of our commitment to the area, BCCI is partnering with the 301 Community to develop a set of garden plots that will be open to the public in the coming months. Partial funding for this project has been graciously provided by the Fiskars Project Orange Thumb! Some of the labor is being provided by the great young men of Hills Academy and the Operations Manager at Trinity Baptist, our own Board member Alex Smith! We’re looking forward to the coming bounty of the wonderful endeavor!

- 301 Community Garden


Each year, thousands of congregations set aside a day to pray, learn, and act near Earth Day, which falls on April 22. In 2020, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day by discussing “the fierce urgency of now!” The Christian education and action resources provided by Creation Justice Ministries will feature stories such as that of the youth who brought the Our Children’s Trust climate change lawsuit against the federal government. The resource is available for download at www.creationjustice.org/urgency. Our own Katherine Smith, Executive Director of BCCI, was one of the editors and authors of this year’s material!

- Earth Day 2020